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At Fisher Refrigeration, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results for our clients. Over the years, we have successfully completed a wide range of industrial ammonia refrigeration projects for various clients, from small-scale businesses to large corporations. We are proud of our proven track record of satisfied clients and look forward to providing you with the same level of exceptional service and results.

Confidential Client – Columbus, OH

Fisher Refrigeration

Low Temp Cold Storage & Distribution

Engineering/Design for swing evaporator piping & installation

Another successful project execution by Team Fisher, thank you to our client(s) for their kind words:

“I would like to thank Fisher Refrigeration for their professionalism! The were easy to work with and special thanks to Ray, Jordan and the team for the line break plan and going the extra mile to address unforeseen challenges (oil in system and minor equipment issues, etc). I was highly impressed with Adam and the welders onsite. FRI followed all safety protocols. I was extremely happy with the attention to detail by the crew!”
Lead Ammonia Refrigeration Tech

“I wanted to take a moment to compliment Adam and his crew for the professionalism and attention to detail that they displayed throughout this whole process. Adam, Eric, Erica and Blake are all top-notch technicians, and they display the care and love for their craft in the work that was produced this weekend. They spent a lot of time ensuring all parameters and all my needs were met and we were successful with this initiative. In life we sometimes focus on what is wrong and don't take the moment to recognize those great moments and the people involved that made it a positive rememberable experience. I look forward to working with this crew again in the future. Thank you for sending them to my facility for this project.”

Engineering & Maintenance Manager

Confidential Client – Wilmington, NC

Fisher Refrigeration

Low Temp Cold Storage/Distribution Facility

288K Sq Ft Greenfield

Convertible Space: -20° to +38°

3 M&M/Carnot Trans Critical CO2 Racks

Three Transcritical CO2 systems were installed to handle this load.

Project Highlights

This is a 288,000 square foot freezer/convertible space facility with possible temperature ranges from -20F to +38F, including blast cell area (400 pallets per day). Three Transcritical CO2 systems were installed to handle this load. System includes 24/7 outside temperature and alarm monitoring. CO2 system re-claimed heat was used for underfloor warming system to improve energy efficiency. The facility is LEED Gold, which is unique for a cold storage facility. Storage rooms are 50’ clear.
LEED Gold Storage Facility

Confidential Client – Atlanta, GA USA

Fisher Refrigeration

Low Temp Cold Storage/Distribution Facility

Install 3 Frick XLP3 Condensers

ZERO Downtime!

Zero loss of performance or ability to maintain temperature(s) resulted in very a happy client.

Project Highlights

After placing equipment order, FRI pre-installed 6 isolation valves to minimize and expedite pump down requirements resulting in zero (0) downtime/impact to facility. Project was a huge success with a very happy client! Important to note, this work was performed in August 2023, during extreme temps yet realized zero loss of performance or ability to maintain temperature(s).

Confidential Client – Sikeston, MO

Fisher Refrigeration

Low Temp Cold Storage/Distribution

Shaft Seal Replacement

#Compressor #Frick #Preventative Maintenance#

Frick Factory Trained Technicians!

Shaft Seal Replacement
#Compressor #Frick #Preventative Maintenance#

Confidential Client – Coldwater, MI

Fisher Refrigeration

Pork Processing

Motor Replacement

Fisher Refrigeration Inc’s Technicians are Factory trained!


Confidential Client(s) – Pine Bluff, AR; Marshall, MO USA

Fisher Refrigeration

Multiple Panel Upgrades – Frick Quantum HD’s

Food & Beverage – Poultry Production

Low Temp Cold Storage/Distribution

Fisher Refrigeration, Inc – Authorized FRICK FACTOR!

Frick Quantum_HD
Authorized Frick Dealer
Authorized Frick Dealer

Confidential Client – Lebanon, IN USA

Fisher Refrigeration

Low Temp Cold Storage/Distribution

Frick C02 Hermetic Compressor

(1 of 2 installations in USA)

Frick C02 Hermetic Compressor
Frick C02 Hermetic Compressor

Multiple Project(s) Highlights - Confidential Client(s):

Fisher Refrigeration

Low Temp Cold Storage - McDonough, GA

Low Temp Cold Storage - Shelby, MI

Low Temp Cold Storage - Springdale, AR

Low Temp Cold Storage – Vineland, NJ

Results: Satisfied Customers, on time and on budget!


Low Temp Cold Storage, McDonough, GA

(2) SGS Condensers Installation


Low Temp Cold Storage Springdale, AR

Vessel Installation


Produce Production, Shelby, MI

30Klbs per hour IQF Freezer Piping Project


Low Temp Cold Storage Vineland, NJ

FRICK Compressor Installation

Confidential Client – Memphis, TN

Fisher Refrigeration

Low Temp Cold Storage/Distribution

Vapor Barrier Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging

-20 Ice Cream Freezer/Roof

Team Fisher Utilizes Cutting Edge technology (Flir) to detect and Capture Thermal Imaging.

There are many benefits to be realized by end users:

Allows you to see what the naked eye cannot (invisible heat/radiation)

Advantages in Low-Light Scenarios

Immune to visual Limitations

Collecting data in hazardous environments from a safe distance

Scanning large areas

No disruption to Production

Detecting problems before failure

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